Friday, August 6, 2010

Ocean, fresh berries, pucker-up citrus!

Whether your wedding is a seaside outdoor escape or a grand Disney-esque fairytale ballroom, aqua + lime + berry pink make a bold summer statement. Aqua is reminiscent of a tropical ocean, berry pink makes you think of ripe raspberries and fresh-picked strawberries, and lime gives that citrus freshness to round it all off! What could be better? My mouth waters just thinking about the possibilities! Picture a raspberry lemonade fountain with a fresh-cut lime sitting on the edge of all the glasses. For your girls, I'm thinking aqua dresses with colorful glass-bead necklaces. On the tables, think of big-blooms of berry pink flowers beside a jar of sea shells and sea glass gently scattered around the centerpiece. A starfish could sit on each plate as a favor to take home and a charming welcome to your esteemed guests. The possibilities are endless!

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