Monday, February 28, 2011

Get the look for less- how to emulate your favorite vibe in a more affordable way.

So, if you want your reception to look like this (see below), but you are a budget-savy bride (or groom), you gotta figure out what concepts you love and why, and how you can make those concepts come to life in other ways. For example, what I love about these photos are the bright pops of color, the votive candles to accent the centerpieces and the unique vibe. Here are some very simple ways to emulate what I liked.
Anna's version:
No floral centerpieces needed. Really, they die and they're expensive as heck. Choose your style- I've included several to achieve that chic, colorful look on a budget.
1. Rice paper votive holder: just google rice paper votive holder and you will find a plethera of affordable and cute, chic votice holders. Try here. Only like 3 bucks I think.
2. Blue votive, only 2.75.
3. Wholesale votive holders: You pay $33 for a box of 72. Awesome!
4. Pier 1 Imports- cute lanterns, now on sale for less than 5 bucks each! Fabulous centerpieces. These are not votive sizes; they're probably 7-8 inches. I have one.
5. Thank you again, Pier 1, for being so addictive. Mercury Glass Star Tealight Holders- normally 10 bucks, now only 2.48.
6. Yes, Pier 1 again. 4 bucks for this pretty starfish ceramic tealight holder. Precious, elegant, laid back at the same time. Delicious.
7. Get a satin table runner at wholesale prices. There are a bunch of websites that offer this, here's one. 35 bucks for 15 table runners... seems too good to be true!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Trend alert: Grey and yellow!

Time to get inspired ladies! The yellow and grey look is very indie, down to earth, DIY, homemade... and kinda edgy and fresh at the same time. It transitions effortlessly from a high-class Palm Beach affair to a low-key barn wedding in Oklahoma. Look, drool, enjoy. xx -Anna

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coral, grey/gray (however you spell it), aqua!

I am going to be posting more on color schemes.
This is mine here! Gorgeous, right? It's perfect for summer- the warmth of coral, the cool laid-back feel of aqua, and the trendy sophistication of grey accents.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos. Just simply sharing what I've found. I did make the collage though. :)

Also, if you are throwing a beach-themed wedding, there are some steals at this site. I believe my sister in law (to be) sent this link to me a few months back. Also, the bridesmaid dress featured in the center of the collage is Alfred Sung.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Decorating a new home...

Ok, so we're not getting married until August, but we love going into places like Pier 1 and Rooms-to-Go to pick out furniture for our future apartment together. It's better to start doing it now and figure out what each other likes and how you can compromise (not too much glitter and pink tones). Anyways, if you and your lovebug are in the same phase we are, you will enjoy this. Here are some of my favorites from Pier 1. They are home-ish and comfy, but not over-the-top. And to the men- you can't live in a bachelor pad anymore. Color is okay. The sparkly gold shaker set is for entertaining, a nice party accent, but the rest is sparkle-free.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cheap wedding favors.

I just came across this website... It was actually an ad on my blog! But seriously, these are the cheapest wedding favors I have ever seen. The cost is probably so low because you are buying in bulk. Lots of options under one dollar-loving it. They have shot glasses, mugs, tote bags, pens, hats.... enjoy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taking requests!

If you read this blog, I want to know what YOU want to see on this blog! Whether it's a particular color scheme, theme or topic, let me know by leaving a comment under this post. I want to help all of you plan wonderful weddings! :) Read, set, GO!
 PS: Doing our registry was a freakin blast. I kid you not. It was like the ultimate shopping spree! You want it? Scan it. The magic scanner. To think I didn't spend a dime... heavenly.
Gotta have a good water filter! And an expensive vaccuum, of course. Haha, anyways, we registered at Target and then at Bed, Bath & Beyond. We had a blast at both. Bed, Bath & Beyond has the best customer service though. They literally have a consultant who will walk with you through the store and describe the pro's and con's of the different brands, how many of each thing you should get and basically explain whatever needs to be explained, while making useful suggestions. Bridezillas- don't worry, you are still in control, just a little friendly advice.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bridal bouquet with starfish/seashells!

You asked for it- here it is! Inspiration for your beach-themed wedding, or just to add that touch of summer to your bouquet. Starfish, shells, even a combination of the two, add personality and seaside elegance to your floral arrangements. Here's some inspiration I found online. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cheap, DIY projects- Oriental Trading

 If you haven't check out Oriental Trading's wedding section, I would do so soon. The company offers cheap prices, and that's what we're all about. The picture above was a DIY project they featured on their site to decorate these cute fans and program cards. They sell all the supplies too- the fans, program cards and starfish. Below, this was a cute, simple DIY project they also featured, which uses buckets, ribbon and a little starfish to create this adorable candy bucket. It's fill with salt water taffy! I'm need to do these; their charming, cheap and beachy! So anyways, if you're a bargain-hunter, check out the site. You gotta do a little sorting, like going through a consignment shop, because not everything is exactly high quality I'm sure, so you wanna pick and choose.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Make-up tip #1 for your wedding day- eyelashes.

I love Cover Girl's "last blast" collection. The thick brush works well for both volume and length. When I do my make-up, eyelashes are my top priority.
I like Katy Perry's eyelashes. This mascara helps my eyes look more like the picture below. So, here it is, their latest mascara for both length and volume. I'd recommend waterproof though, because it's your wedding. You'll probably cry at some point.
Now, here's where you really need to pay attention. If you have not used blinc mascara, you have not lived. Okay, I'm being dramatic, but really, it's a revolution in mascara. Instead of painting muck on your lashes, it actually makes tubes around them. You appy it the same way you would any mascara, but it's a different substance. When you wash this stuff off, it looks like your lashes are falling out because the tubes are just sliding off. Don't worry, your eyelashes are staying put; it's just that you're not used to mascara coming off so easily.
Anyways, why am I telling you all about blinc? Because you need it for the big day. It stays put unlike any mascara I have ever used. I love the volume and length of the Cover Girl mascara mentioned above, but it's not very long-lasting. Brides don't want to worry about reapplying eye makeup. So, put blinc OVER the Cover Girl mascara to hold it in place.
Buy blinc at Sephora.

How to apply mascara:
• Clamp an eyelash curler at the root of your upper lashes and hold for five seconds. Repeat on the middle of lashes and again near the tips.
• To go to great lengths, place curler along the upper lashline. In a slow, even motion, go from roots to tips.
• For thickness, hold brush as close as possible to base of lashes, and wiggle it as you move it up through lashes. (This motion helps get every lash.) Let mascara dry for ten seconds, then replace brush at lash base, and wiggle again as you move up the lashes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Believe in love again!

I started a wedding blog because I believe in love, love that lasts forever.
And a wedding is a declaration and celebration of that love.
We're 21, so we hear, "oh but you're too young" far too often.
And then there are those people who say that two people can't stay together forever because it goes against our nature- we change, we get bored. They say people like us are crazy.
If you are in love, too young & a lil bit crazy, welcome to the club!

Love you Corey!


I have been so fixated with the other aspects of wedding planning that I completely forgot about registries! We haven't done ours yet, but we're in that time frame when we should. Only about 6 months until the big day! I'll update this post when we register so I can pass along tips and such, what works and doesn't. I think we are going to register in the same manner you're supposed to apply for colleges- the safety school, the nice match and the reach school. Remember that?
Well, our safety registery would be at Target (easier on the wallet for people), a nice match would be Bed Bath & Beyond (it's a step up, some nicer quality things, more options for home things), and the reach registry would be Crate & Barrell (pricey, but fantastic and usually worth the price for high quality items). What do you think? A good system?