Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have been so fixated with the other aspects of wedding planning that I completely forgot about registries! We haven't done ours yet, but we're in that time frame when we should. Only about 6 months until the big day! I'll update this post when we register so I can pass along tips and such, what works and doesn't. I think we are going to register in the same manner you're supposed to apply for colleges- the safety school, the nice match and the reach school. Remember that?
Well, our safety registery would be at Target (easier on the wallet for people), a nice match would be Bed Bath & Beyond (it's a step up, some nicer quality things, more options for home things), and the reach registry would be Crate & Barrell (pricey, but fantastic and usually worth the price for high quality items). What do you think? A good system?

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