Monday, January 31, 2011

Wedding garland!

It seems like we focus so much on the wedding reception. But let's be honest, you and your guests will probably notice the atmosphere and asthetics of your ceremony more than your reception, when they will be dancing, eating and, well let's be honest, possibley intoxicated. It still matters, very much so. But let's not forget about the real reason for the gathering, and that's the ceremony! In light of my little pep talk, here are some neat ideas for decorating your ceremony with ribbon and garland. There are many different types of garland, but here is a starting point to get those creative juices flowing.

 Clear crystal or even plastic beading would make gorgeous garland to go from pew to pew or chair to chair at your ceremony. Use the extra to wrap around your arch or around the legs of tables you will be using for the unity candle/sand, or anything really.
 Found this easy craft on (of course). Take silk flowers and simply hot glue the ends together and voila, you have summer flowers to grace your ceremony with their radiant presence!
 I came across this website You can order fresh green garland if you want live greenery to give your special day a whimsical, natural, fairy-tale like vibe.Wrap the greens around chairs, tables, your arch and even window sills at your ceremony.
 Favorite, favorite, favorite. Oh goodness. Check this out; it's hymnal pages, used to create this adorable garland. Perfect for a ceremony in a church, although don't limit yourself- it's perfect for all seasons and places. Classic. Timeless.Check out KristinaMarie on Etsy.
Here's a cool idea! Buy (or make) ribbon flowers. Glue thick ribbon from flower to flower and make your own, pretty, satin garland. Even try weaving some beaded garland around the ribbon.
Pretty coral confetti garland (from the same Etsy artist as mentioned above). She makes this garland in a variety of colors, but since I am using coral for my wedding, here it is. I'll probably use both her coral and teal garland.

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