Friday, January 7, 2011

DIY Hydrangea Bouquet

The cost of flowers adds up... REAL quick.

Simple remedy? Do some of them yourself! I would not recommend doing ALL the flowers by hand, just because it may be a bit overwhelming. Anything is possible though.

My first priority is the bridal bouquet, so I know I will be paying a talented florist to craft my bouquet for me. I met with a wonderful florist, Adrianne, at Chalifours in Manchester, NH. This woman really knows flowers and weddings. She talked about the way a bouquet reflects on the bride's face and matching flowers with my eyes- things I wouldn't have thought of! She wants my bouquet to showcase my personality. Awesome. If you're local, check them out here.

But, like I said, the cost can add up quickly. You may not have the budget for everything, so let's stick to the essentials.

Your bridesmaids will need bouquets and the groomsmen will need boutonierres. You can do these yourself, though they won't be as eleborate as a florist, it's an option.

DIY Hydrangea Bouquets:

You will need: 5-7 hydrangea stems in your color of choice, floral tape, wide satin ribbon in color of your choice.

This is simple enough.

1. Gather the hydrangeas in your hand. Got it?

2. Bind the stems together with the floral tape, beginning about six inches below blooms.

3. Take your satin ribbon, wrap it around the stems, covering the tape and end with a simple bow. I would start at the bottom, because I'd like the bow to be at the top.

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