Thursday, December 30, 2010

Coral, grey, light blue- inspiration for my color scheme!

Blog readers, if you're out there, here are my colors. It always helps to find pictures that inspire you so you can figure out what looks you like, as my mother suggested. So, here is my inspiration! My colors are light grey, coral & light blue... or as one photo adequately labels the colors- coral, oyster and lagoon. Whatever. I am torn though... coral dresses or grey dresses with coral earrings and coral flowers? My only hesitation about coral dresses is the guys... they may not be too keen on coral vests and ties. It's not life or death though; they can deal. I do like the pop of color coral dresses have, but then again, it's an evening wedding so the effect is a bit different. I'll probably do a post on grey dresses- they are soooo the rage right now. SO hot. Like a hot potatoe.

Also, if you didn't know, I am doing a "taste of Florida" theme since my fiance and I kinda have 2 homes- our home in South Florida, and our roots in New Hampshire... so since the wedding is in NH, we are bringing a taste of our sunny Florida to the wedding.


  1. Hi!
    Came across your blog in my search for wedding colors! I am doing coral, tiffany blue/turquoise and a mid-grey as well! Bridesmaids dresses are going to be coral because it will really warm up the pictures. I love the idea of grey but we are getting married outdoors and it is so dull (the groomsmen are going to be in grey anyway!) But I have the hugest dilemma about flower color - it's so hard to match coral flowers to coral dresses, but I haven't found another color combo I love.

    Will be keeping an eye on your blog for more inspiration! thanks!

  2. Thanks for reading Tiffany! :)
    I love coral bridesmaid dresses; so gorgeous!And I have been loving the grey dress trend too, but yeah, I was worried about them looking dull in the summertime. Very cute though! We ended up doing tiffany blue knee-length dresses instead and using coral in other decorations, accessories and the flowers. I think white flowers look really pretty with coral dresses, or even yellow if you wanted a brighter look! That's just my opinion. :) Thanx for the comment!

  3. Hi, I am in love with the color of the bridesmaid dresses in the picture above with the bride and the groomsmen. Do you know where those dresses are from and the exact color?
    I've been searching for coral dresses and I just haven't liked the actual color on any.