Thursday, December 9, 2010

Flower ideas & trends

Well hello there! If you feel lost in the never-ending sea of flower choices, fear not. The flowers, styles and colors chosen say a lot about you and will really help add a certain vibe to your big day. They will sit neatly in your hands as you glide down the isle and grace the glossy finishes of your wedding photos. It's understandable if you're stressed, but it's nothing to overthink. It helps to look through photos of bouquets and see which ones appeal to you at first glance. That's a good indication that the flowers reflect the mood, theme and style you're going for!
Here are some trends that'll help get the ball rolling for you.

Neutral, timeless: Let's face it- you really can't go wrong with white at a wedding. The mix of the greys adds a frosted, elegant look. Roses are the timeless romantic flower, so if you're going for timeless, neutral and classy, this may be the right option for your bridal bouquet.
Mixing in non-floral elements: Adding media to the mix (feathers, charms, sea shells, beads...) give your bouquet a personalized look. If your wedding carries a beach theme, consider a dangling starfish or sea glass. If you have a vintage themed wedding, consider fluffy white feathers. You can make your bouquet personal and memorable.
Go with your favorites: Have you always just loved daisies? Or have tulips always been your favorite? Is your late grandmother's name Lily? For whatever reason, many girls have that one favorite flower for various reasons. Perhaps it's a memory, a name or just the sheer beauty of it. Stick to who you are- you really can't go wrong with your favorite blossoms in hand. My personal favorites- peonies, garden roses, ranuculus. A fistful of those, and I'd feel like a princess.

Fluffy clouds of bliss: Hydrangeas are one of a few different flowers that only take a few stems to make cloud-like, fluffy bouquets. They look romantic and dreamy, feminine and graceful. Simple and easy, one of the most beautiful, but also safe. If you dream of a wild, eye-popping, more dramatic bouquet but with that same fluffy look, try hydrangeas in blue or pink. But, in my opinion, these fit any occasion, formal or casual.

High contrast: Pink and navy has hit the scene hard this year, popping up at both chic downtown city weddings and coastal celebrations. The high contrast look is in. Even if your whole event is shades of white and champagne, adding a pop of color can give your event just a little spike of boldness and playfulness.

Sexy monogamy: Pictured below is a full bouquet of garden roses. Chosing bouquets full of a single type of flower eliminates the scrunity and overthinking that often happens to a bride in flower-world. The florist isn't trying to fit all kinds of flower's shapes together in this bouquet. Instead, the flowers, all being the same, naturally fit side by side and the result is a natural globe of heavenly elegance.

Non-floral bouquets: Buttons, feathers, fabric, beads- you name it, someone's tried it. The cost of flowers adds up REAL QUICK. Corey and I decided to for go the floral centerpieces and opted for white lanterns. For your bouquets, consider other options if money is tight!

Yellow billy balls: These fun, little yellow balls have been popping up at summer weddings like weeds. Not that they are anything like weeds, just very common. It's a very cool, modern trend. I've seen them in jars, boutineers and small bouquets. Consider looking outside the typical wedding flower list, and find something with a little more spunk, like yellow billy balls. When I see them, I think... summer vacation as a kid meets southern farmhouse meets flat in Manhattan meets ballerinas meets tennis meets sidebangs and libraries. Yep, that about sums it up.

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