Monday, February 28, 2011

Get the look for less- how to emulate your favorite vibe in a more affordable way.

So, if you want your reception to look like this (see below), but you are a budget-savy bride (or groom), you gotta figure out what concepts you love and why, and how you can make those concepts come to life in other ways. For example, what I love about these photos are the bright pops of color, the votive candles to accent the centerpieces and the unique vibe. Here are some very simple ways to emulate what I liked.
Anna's version:
No floral centerpieces needed. Really, they die and they're expensive as heck. Choose your style- I've included several to achieve that chic, colorful look on a budget.
1. Rice paper votive holder: just google rice paper votive holder and you will find a plethera of affordable and cute, chic votice holders. Try here. Only like 3 bucks I think.
2. Blue votive, only 2.75.
3. Wholesale votive holders: You pay $33 for a box of 72. Awesome!
4. Pier 1 Imports- cute lanterns, now on sale for less than 5 bucks each! Fabulous centerpieces. These are not votive sizes; they're probably 7-8 inches. I have one.
5. Thank you again, Pier 1, for being so addictive. Mercury Glass Star Tealight Holders- normally 10 bucks, now only 2.48.
6. Yes, Pier 1 again. 4 bucks for this pretty starfish ceramic tealight holder. Precious, elegant, laid back at the same time. Delicious.
7. Get a satin table runner at wholesale prices. There are a bunch of websites that offer this, here's one. 35 bucks for 15 table runners... seems too good to be true!

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