Monday, April 4, 2011

Royal Blue, Vibrant Orange, Yellow, Hot Pink

If you ever need inspiration, I recommend Sometimes I take some of the gorgeous weddings I love and try and think of ways that could be done as cost-efficiently as possible. For me, if I were trying to imitate the photo above, I'd get the vases I wanted but maybe smaller and with smaller bouquets or without flowers- maybe long, elegant twigs for a different feel.
Anyways, I simply love the bright, warm and vibrant shades of the flowers juxtaposed with the rich royal blue. It reminds me of the Mediterranean, even though I've never been. If you like the boldness but you'd like to tone it down, try this same royal blue with a marigold yellow (match the glasses with the yellow of the flowers in the center.) If you can't afford to buy all those blue glasses and your venue does not have them, consider buying pretty satin ribbon to tie in bows on the stem of each glass to add that same pop of color. If your wedding is outdoors, the clementines are neat, but if it's indoors they might be a little out of place. Instead, say for a ballroom, you could use glass beads that you'd buy at a craft store, sea glass, or decorative balls in a little vase.
The above photo from Thought I'd share some more pretty inspiration for you! If I find more helpful websites, I'll letcha know ;).
As you plan your wedding, if all else fails...

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