Sunday, March 6, 2011

Home-spun wedding: dare to add crochet?

I fell in love with that crochet coral flower (first photo above) on Etsy. The artist is kindly making 5 with pearl centers, instead of rhinestone. I ordered them for my bridesmaids, to glue onto thin headbeands. The dresses are a light tiffany blue, called "seaside," and I have been wanting to add more coral to the wedding, so I thought a hair accessory would add the desired pop of warm August heat. I love the hand-made, homespun look, so, what do you think? Does it look too childish? Or feminine and earthy, home-y? Anyways, they were very inexpensive (great deal!) so if we don't use them for the wedding, they'd be nice gifts anyways. I like the look.  

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