Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Discounts at your dream venues!

If you are a budget-minded bride, Saturday evening at the Plaza in June may not be you... (see Bride Wars for more on that!) But remember, you can have a few priorities to splurge on if you are willing to cut back in other ways. For example, Corey and my friend, Peter, is an amazing photographer! He is just starting up his photography business, so he is willing to give us a low rate of $750 for his services, the cd and prints. Since we got such a great deal there, I spent a few hundred more on my dress!
Back to what I was saying about the venue...
If your dream is to marry in a cathedral and have the reception in a grand ballroom, that can be done! You just have to explore some of the less common options. Perhaps consider getting married in the winter. If it's a destination wedding to South Florida, the weather is 50's, 60's, 70's and absolutely perfect. If the wedding is in the snowy mountains of New England, your special day will have a magical, winter wonderland feel to it that you and your guests will never forget. It can be absolutely stunning with shades of blue and silver or red and gold! I have found that many venues offer special rates and discounts for winter weddings. Many advertise it, and those that don't may still be willing to offer you a low rate so they can fill the spot. They're not getting as much business in the winter and are more likely to be flexible with your wishes AND budget!
But in my case, our wedding will be in the summer because Corey will have one more year left of his undergrad and will be heading off to medical school right after that. So... summer's really the only option for us. So how can you save money in such a popular season? Two words: NOT SATURDAY. Every venue I have looked at and met with offers discounts for days that are non-Saturdays! Ours is going to be either a Friday or Sunday. It's still the weekend, right? Some offer 20% discounts and others just have lower rates that are sometimes HALF the cost of a Saturday reception. Some venues also offer lower rates for daytime receptions. Just a few things to consider! Wishing you a romantic and calm planning,

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