Saturday, July 31, 2010

Your local craftstore is your friend people!

You may already know this, but in case you don't, this could save your budget! Your local craft store is loaded with DIY (do it yourself) goodies and treasures. They usually have a few isles that are solely dedicated to weddings. Personally, I have grown up loving crafts and little projects, so this creates a fun opportunity to make my wedding more personal and really put myself into it! It's a great opportunity for bonding with your mama and/or bridesmaids as well. I really like the idea of doing my own invitations. I am going to pick them out at Michaels this weekend. You buy the kits, totally adorable, download the program with the fonts and format on your computer, and print the invitations at home. It's easy and sounds like a blast. I'm also starting to try and think of cost-effective, yet very unique and personal favors for my guests. I am trying to think of something from Florida. My fiance and I were raised in NH but now live in Florida together. The wedding will be back in NH where all of our friends and family are, but we want to give them a piece of our new life in Florida! Pet flamingos? Gator purses? Just kidding. :)
Anyways, another idea- bridesmaid gifts! If you're tight on money because you've spent it all on the catering and flowers, you may forget about this relatively small, but important expense. Thank your girls by giving jewelry, made by YOU! The craft store has all kinds of gorgeous beads and complete kits. It'd be sentimental and re-usable. I'll keep you updated!

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