Friday, July 16, 2010

Non-floral centerpieces!

So, maybe you were dreaming of fluffy peonies crowding your tables with bits of freesia poking through, maybe a few garden roses and cloud-like domes of hydrangeas. If you make all your floral wishes come true, just keep in mind you may have to sacrifice in other areas like the food or drinks. It's up to you to prioritize what the top must-haves are on your wedding wish list.

One way to cut costs dramatically is by opting for non-floral centerpieces. They can be just as chic and eye-grabbing, and show more personality! Martha Stewart has a plethora of glitter crafts on her website if you're looking for that evening glam. Candles are romantic and classy and can be dressed up with glitter, beads, unique containers and colors. For a daytime playful look, try button flowers, fabric flowers, trees/bundles of sticks with handing beads, fresh fruit (or fake fruit!), baskets, tissue paper and fresh greens!

Your guests will be delightfully surprised and your wallet (or your parent's) will thank you.

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